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Fuel | Diesel Transfer Pumps

We are offering heavy duty Fuel | Diesel Transfer Pumps that can be used in medium to high pressure fuel powdered systems to efficiently transfer liquid fuels at desired pressure. These units can be delivered to our client at a reasonable price.

Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel Flow Meters are used for fuel consumption measurement in fuel lines of vehicles and time monitoring operations in different working engine modes. They are used to measure diesel fuel, heating oil and other liquid fuels. In addition, they can also work with other mineral oils having kinematic viscosity up to 6 mm2/s to be used as a part of GPS tracking system. These Fuel Flow Meters are used for preventing fuel theft, monitoring and testing fuel consumption.

Diesel Dispenser

Diesel Dispensers are featured with removal flow sensor for ensuring accurate measurements. They are designed to fit in different working conditions in an extensive variety of temperature. They are available with one touch printer with durable header that can be easily tweaked. These high capacity Diesel Dispensers are provided with unmatched P. D. Flow Sensor for measurement. With auto shut off nozzle, they ensure efficient tank topping up. In addition, these Diesel Dispensers are provided with resettable batch.

Fuel Dispenser

These durable and efficient Fuel Dispensers are available with ergonomic height and location of attachments. They are designed with easy view display for showing the accurate results of the fuel usage. With opti-flow hydraulic, they ensure enhanced hydraulic performance. In addition, they come with power safe electronics for ensuring to minimize the dispenser breakdown. These Fuel Dispensers are provided with high efficiency and security features for ensuring unmatched convenience.

Fuel Nozzle

These high-grade Fuel Nozzles are designed using premium cast aluminum body with anti-abrasive and non-corrosive coating. They are available with automatic shut-off design to meet the needs of self-service prepay or card-lock systems. They are widely used for filling bio-diesel, kerosene, petrol and diesel with no spilling. These Fuel Nozzles are provided with sensor built into the discharge spout outlet for automatically shutting off the supply once fuel level reaches the highest point.

Diesel Flow Meters

Diesel Flow Meters are installed for flux measurement in the domain of oil, chemical, fuel etc. They are available in strong and compact designs with 0.5% accuracy with field calibration facility. They are used with water, diesel, urea solution, kerosene, windscreen, petrol, etc. These easy-to-use and maintain Diesel Flow Meters are provided with two cumulate. We provide these Diesel Flow Meters in different specifications and designs in strong cast iron body according to the demands of the clients.  

Dg Set Flow Meter

DG Set Flow Meter devices are digital type flow measuring instruments that are capable of recording fuel flow rates with high precision.These heavy duty meters can be delivered to our clients as per the order placed by them.

Vehicle Fuel Consumption Meter

Vehicle Fuel Consumption Meters are positive displacement meters widely used to measure the consumption of fuel by any vehicle. They are available in precise sizes of the diesel engine intake of vans, buses, construction equipment, etc. These Vehicle Fuel Consumption Meters ensure high fuel measuring accuracy with small, compact and advanced designs. They are provided with small display to show the accurate results. In addition, they are easy to install and maintain for years.

Industrial Pumps

Industrial Pumps are high performance electrically powered machines that can be used in various low to high pressure hydraulic systems. These heavy duty pumps are available in various sizes and power ratings as per the applications where they are going to be installed.

Liquid Batching Systems

Liquid Batching Systems are accurately designed with outlined and built complete gauges for meeting the filling needs of lube oils into vehicles. They are designed using high-quality tooling support and process apparatus to provide the best performance. They are provided with metering gear and pump for administering motor oil and other transmission liquids having extreme thickness. These Liquid Batching Systems are available in easy-to-install designs with no abrasion and rusting factors. 

Adblue Dispenser

Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Adblue Dispenser machines that are commonly used at fuel stations to efficiently dispense fuel additives into vehicles. Get these digital machines as per your demands at a reasonable price.

Milk Dispenser

Milk Dispenser pumps are electrically actuated machines that are in high demand due to their rugged design and economical operation. The offered machines can be delivered to our clients as per their demands, with the assurance of fast and safe delivery.